What Want To Know?

What documentation is required for onboarding?

As part of the customer onboarding process, the following documents will have to be submitted.

Certificate of Incorporation
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Registered Office Address Proof such as Utility Bill or Bank Statement
Operating License
Valid Photo ID for Directors such as Passport
Director Residential Address Proof Such as Utility Bill or Bank Statement

How long does it take to provide settlements?

7 to 14 days depending on the merchant business types

Do merchants get access to their own portal?

Merchants have access to their own portal, and they can transfer settlement funds to their own account once they are cleared.

What percentage commission do you charge?

This depends on your business type, geographic location, and other various factors. Please contact the sales team through the website for more information.

How does the integration happen?

We will provide documentation and API details to your IT team and we will assist you until you are fully operational.

Are any businesses and product restricted?

a. Purchase of pharmaceuticals or illegal drugs
b. Purchase of pornography or explicit content
c. Unauthorized Foreign Exchange (Forex)


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